On behalf of our client, SD Solutions is looking for a talented QA Engineer to join the team.

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As a QA Engineer, you will be executing existing test suites and helping with any regressions on existing features.

This position is fully remote and you will work with our QA lead, who is in the Los Angeles timezone. Ideally, you can also work PST timezone hours.


  • Work with the QA Lead to execute detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test steps.
  • Perform multiple types of black-box testing including functional, system, data integrity, smoke, regression, and ad hoc testing.
  • Estimate, prioritize, plan, and coordinate testing activities.
  • Work closely with the QA Lead and engineering teams to ensure alignment.
  • Submit comprehensive defects using our bug-tracking system.
  • Regress and verify defects as needed, record test results, and provide metrics.
  • Test software applications at all points in the life cycle.


  • 2+ years of proven work experience in Software Engineering, Test, Quality Assurance, or Deployment.
  • Excellent analytical skills to work with developers for troubleshooting and peer review.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Deep understanding of technology.
  • Proven record of shipping features on time and on budget.
  • Flexible and focused on solutions.
  • Organized and self-sufficient.
  • Passion for developing technical solutions.


  • Experience with Chrome extensions.
  • Experience with load testing tools.

About the company:

The company empowers enterprise teams with AI and automation, simplifying and automating workflows. With a background at SkyGiraffe and ServiceNow, the team understands the data transfer challenges between systems. Their solution learns workflows to eliminate manual tasks, enhancing operational efficiency. Founded in 2022, it is committed to streamlining enterprise processes.

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